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Social Service Guide
1. There shall be an S.S.G. in the college called “Kuchinda College Social Service Guild”.

2. The aims and objectives of the Guild are to render social service of any description as mentioned below.
    i) To grant stipends to the needy and deserving students of the college.
    ii)To form a volunteer corps in the town for rendering to the sick, destitute and people stricken by natural calamities.
    iii) To arrange lectures by eminent persons for the benefit of the students community.
    iv) To educate the people in rural area regarding the prevention of cholera, smallpox, Malaria and such epidemics.

3. a)members of the college staff may make voluntary annual contribution to its fund.
    b) High officials and well-to-do public man are occasionally approached to make donations to the fund.
    c) The beneficiaries of the Guild Fund are expected to return the money received after they are settled in life as they sing and undertaking to that effect.

4. a)There is an Executive Committee consisting of the following persons.
    ii)Vice- President-cum-Treasurer, nominated by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
   iii) A Secretary elected from among the students.
   iv) An Assistant Secretary elected from among the students.
   v) A Lady Representative to be nominated by the Principal from among the Ladies.
b) All elections shall be held on the date and in the manner the Principal determines.
c) The Honorary Treasurer will maintain the accounts or receipts and disbursement.
d) The duties of the secretary are-
   i) To prepare, with the help of the honorary Treasurer and submit at the Annual general meeting an annual report of the working of the guild, along with accounts of the previous year.
   ii) To record the proceeding of all the meetings.
   iii) To invite applications in consultation with the Treasurer for help from the students of the college after the annual general meeting.
  iv) To organize the student volunteers to raise funds for improving the financial position of guild and
   v) To work throughout the session with a view to realizing the aims and objectives of the guild as lay down in rule – 2 above.

5. Poor and deserving students of the college receive help from the fund for a period of seven months during the session ordinarily from August to February from the next year.

6. Temporary loans may be granted to the poor students by the president

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