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College Meeting

i) An ordinary meeting of the Executive Commitees shall be called by the Secretary in consultation with the President and the Adviser. Notice of such meeting with date, time, place and agenda shall be given to the members atleast 48 hours prior to the meeting.
ii) An extra-ordinary meeting of the executive committee may be convened at any time by the Principal.
iii) A meeting of the executive committee shall be presided over in the absence of both the President and Vice-President by any member of the committee elected at the meeting such election being conducted by the Adviser.
iv) No meeting of the executive committee can be conducted without the adviser or in his absence the Associate Adviser.
v) 50% of the members of the executive committee shall constitute the quorum.
xvi) The minutes of the meeting shall be maintained by the secretary and copy thereof shall be communicated by the secretary to the Principal within two days through the adviser.
vii) The meeting of the union shall be open to all the members of the teaching staff, who if they so desire, can take part in the proceedings of the meeting except in the voting.

Annual Meeting :

A) i) The newly elected office bearers will assume office
    ii) The new members of the union will be welcomed.
    iii) Amendments to the existing constitution if any, may be moved.
    iv) Previous years audited accounts may be presented by the Adviser.

B) Towards the closing of the session on a data fixed by the Principal there shall be the last ordinary meeting of the union to discuss and adopt the Annual Report and accounts to be presented by the Secretary.

Ordinary Meeting
a) Ordinary meetings of the union shall be arranged by the Secretary in consultation with the President to hold debates.
b) There shall be atleast one such ordinary meeting every month and in the first ordinary meeting the budget shall be placed for approval.
c) No ordinary meeting of the union can be conducted if the members present for the purpose are less than 250 in number.
d) Such meeting shall normally be held after the college hours.

Procedure in the Meeting
a) In the absence of both the President and Vice-President from an ordinary meeting the members present will elect a President from among themselves, the adviser or his deputy taking the chair until the election is over. The President shall assume all the rights and discharge all the duties of the President during the meeting.
b) At the commencement of each ordinary meeting the Secretary shall read the minutes of the last ordinary meeting and subsequent extra-ordinary meetings of the union. If any, the minutes on, being approved by the members present shall be signed by the President.
c) Every speech shall be relevant to the subject of discussion and no personal reflection shall be made in course of the speech.
d) The President or the Vice-President may take part in a discussion and in that case the Adviser shall take the chair.
e) At the conclusion of the debate, as soon as the mover of the original motion has exercised his right of reply, the amendment, if any shall first be put to vote. If the amendment is lost the original motion shall then be put to vote. If the amendment is carried through the motion as amended, shall be put to vote.
f) All the question in the debate shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members present. In case of a tie, the President shall have his casting vote.
g) The Adviser, his nominee or any member may call the President’s attention to a point of order even while a member is speaking.
h) For maintaining discipline in the meeting the President may call any member, to order. If a member disobeys any ruling of the President or the Advisor or his deputy, the President may ask the member to withdraw from the meeting and report his name to the Principal. The President may also dissolve the meeting.
i) On any point not provided for in these rules, the Adviser or his deputy shall be empowered to give a ruling as to the proper procedure and his ruling shall be final.
j) An amendment to a motion shall be discussed only after the first four speakers on that motion have spoken.
k) When an amendment is proposed and seconded members may at their option, speak either on the amendment or on the original motion .

Extra Ordinary Meeting
An extra –ordinary meeting of the union may be convened :-
a) At the Principal’s direction.
b) On a written requisition addressed to the Principal and signed by not less than one third of the total members of the union.
c) On the request of the President to the Principal.
d) The Principal or his nominee shall preside over the extra ordinary meetings.

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