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Executive Body
The following shall constitute the executive committee of the union (a) The President (b) Vice-President, (c)The Secretary (d) The Joint-Secretary (e) Class Representatives (One from each class) elected by the students of the respective classes (f) A lady member, representing all the lady students of the college(to be nominated by the Principal).

Adviser :
A. There shall be an adviser and some associates advidesers appointed by the principal from among the members of the teaching staff.
In the absence of the advisor of the associates advisor shall act as the advisor.
B. The advisor shall be present in the meetings of the union. They will assist by the helpful suggestions, when never they think it necessary, for the proper conduct of the meetings. The president may also refer to the advisers any rule for interpretation and the decision there upon of the adviser shall be final.
C. The advisor may at any time, during a meeting on the request of the president, explain the scope and effect of the motion or amendments.
D. None of the advisers will preside over a meeting of the union unless specially requested to do so by the president.

The President :
The president shall preside over all ordinary meeting of the union. He shall be responsible for maintaining order and interpreting of the union.
His ruling shall be considered final except where he requests any of the advisers to do so.

The Vice-President :
The vice-President shall assist the President and in his absence perform all the functions of the President.

The Secretary :
(a) The Secretary shall arange debates, give notices of all meeting and shall maintain records of the proceedings of all such meetings.
(b) He shall be responsible for the accounts of the fund of the union.
(c) The Secretary shall select subjects for debate or discussions in consultation with the President and the adviser.

The Joint Secretary :
He shall assist the secretary and in his absence perform all his functions.

The Functions of the executive committee :

The functions of the executive committee shall be
(A) i) To draw up the programme of the union activities for the session.
     ii) To operate the union budget and
     iii) To undertake such other activities as are consistent with the objectives of the union in accordance            with the constitution and with the approval of the principal.

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