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Planning Forum
Planning is of utmost importance in the life of an individual and for the nation. To make the students realise the value of planning & to acquaint them with the varied aspects of planning, a planning forum has been formed in the collage.

All the students of the collage are members of the planning forum.

It is managed by an Executive Body consisting of

a) The President-principal (Ex-officio)
b) The Vice-President to be nominated by the Principal.
c) The Secretary-elected by the students.
d) The Asst. Secretary-elected by the students.
e) The class representatives-one from each class elected by the concerned classes.
f) The Lady representative to be nominated by the principal

Aim :
The planning forum has the following objectives.
a) To make the five years plans of the Government intelligible to the students and the public.
b) To make the students aware of the implications of planning.
c) To seek suggestions, comments, views from the educated and enlightened sections of the public, the students and the members of the staff on planning.
d) To finance visits to the development blocks to assess the execution of planning.

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