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Our Society
Dramatic Society
1. There shall be a dramatic society of the college called Kuchinda college Dramatic Society.
2. All the bonafide students of Kuchinda College are member of the society.
3. The society shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following members.

i) President-Principal, (Ex-Officio)
ii) Vice-President –one or more than one member of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principals.
iii) Secretary – To be elected by the students from among themselves.
iv) Asst. Secretary-To be elected by the students from among themselves.
v) One representative from among the lady students to be nominated by the Principal.
vi) One students representative from each class.

Function of the Society
a) To stage drama and arrange variety show from time to time.
b) To prepare and pass the budget of the society for the year.
c) Decide with the approval of the Principal which play shall be staged during the year and when.
d) Select students to participate in the drama. The selection shall be approved by the Principal.
e) Have the expenditure of the society audited within 15 days of staging the drama.
f) Meet from time to time to decide all other matters connected with the drama.
g) The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the society and shall be in change of the account. The assist him and will perform the duties of the Secretary in his absence.
h) Either one or both of them may be removed from office if they fail to discharge their duties properly (i) by the principal or (ii) by way of vote of no confidence.
i) The Principal reserves the right to alter, amend or abrogate any of the rules, mentioned above, if a member wants to alter or amend any of the rules, the alternation must be passed by a majority of the members present in that special meeting. Such alteration or amendment is subject to the approval or Principal.
j) No other association or society is eligible to stage a full drama what so ever it may be. They may stage one-act-play with the prior permission of the Principal.

Music Society

The college has a Music Society. All students on the college rolls are bonafide members of the society. Every student pays annually Rs. 5/- to the fund of the society.

It is managed by a committee of the following persons.
1. President-Principal (Ex-Officio)
2. Vice-President (nominated by the Principal)
3. Secretary (elected by all students)
4. Joint-Secretary (elected by all students)
5. Class representatives (one from each class to the elected by the students)
6. Lady representative(to be nominated by the Principal)
The senior most Vice-President shall be responsible for the accounts of the society and for the instruments. He will frame rules with the approval of the President for the satisfactory management of the society. The instruments can be issued only to the Vice-President and not to students.

The Cultural Society
1. The college has cultural society.
All the bonafide students of the college are members of the society.
2. The aims and objectives of the society are
    a) To celebrate the memories of the great figures in different branches of cultural activities.
    b) To organize meetings & discussions of literary interests.
    c) To hold literary competitions among the students and award prizes in the annual function or on any special occasion

Science Society
The Science Society of the college was started with the objective of spreading scientific knowledge by means of popular lectures and discussions.

1. All science students of the college and those who are connected with the teaching of science in the college are members of the society.

2. Executive committee:
i)President, Principal (Ex-Officio)
ii) Vice-President – One or more members of the teaching staff to be nominated by the Principal.
iii)Secretary – To be elected by all science students.
iv)Joint- Secretary- To be elected by all science students.
v)One class representative from each science class to be elected by the students.
vi)One Lady representative to be nominated by the Principal. The secretary shall be responsible for the accounts of the society.

Commerce Society
The commerce society of the college is instituted with the object of organizing debates, discussion, lectures etc. on commercial and allied topics and to undertake special studies and surveys on local and national problems.

The principal is the ex-officio President and the Head of the Commerce Department is the Vice- President of the society. All the students of Commerce stream are members of the society and each pay Rs. 5/- as subscription per annum.

The affairs of the society are managed by an executive committee consisting of the Vice-President, a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary and class representatives from each of the classes of commerce stream.

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