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No. 240/13                                                                                                                                                                       Date : 08.03.2013

                                                                           QUOTATION CALL NOTICE

          Sealed Quotations, item wise, are invited from Manufacturers / Authorized Distributers /Agencies/ Dealers /Registered Suppliers with valid PAN and TIN/VAT clearance for supply of the following articles to this college so as to reach the office of the undersigned on or before dt. 16-03-2013. The quotations will be opened in the Principal’s Office at 3.00 PM on dt. 16-03-2013. If the date is declared as holiday, the next working day shall be treated as the effective date. Brands having EPM rate contract/ DGSD rates will be given preference. The detailed specification of the items are available in the college office and college  website : www.kuchindacollege.org . The bidders should submit the company brochures of the items to be supplied. The price of each items, taxes, installation,(if required ) and any other expenses should be mentioned separately. The sealed envelope should be super scribed with “QUOTATIONS FOR SUPPLY OF ARTICLES”. The authority reserves the right to reject/cancel one or all quotations without assigning any reason thereof.

Name of the Articles
Sl No Equipment Remarks

UGC Grants

1 Generator 30 KV (Air cooled/ Water cooled, Single Phase) . Price should include delivery and installation.
Amount for earthing, electrification should be
specified separately.
2 Generator 20 KV -do-
3 Water Cooler with Purifier Including electrification, protection, installation.
4 Inverter (With Batteries) Including wiring and installation in Phy,Chem, Botany, Zoology, Math Lab & Room No-26
5 Home Theatre Any Make (Branded) with Extra Woofer (Any Make)
6 Audio System (LECTERN System) AHUJA
7 LCD Projector with DVD Player Including Screen, Stand, Remote, USB port.
8 Server for LAN For Mathematics Laboratory & Office including
Cable & Installation.
9 Laptop Latest Version with Mouse
10 Educational CD/ DVD Relevant for +3 students (Arts/Science/ Commerce)
11 Digital Camera SLR - Any Make, Latest
12 Box of GI Sheet (For Storage) Size:length.:48’’, width:36’’,height:42’’(to keep sound boxes )
13 Wall Mounted Fans Any Make (for Room No-26)
14 Chair for Librarian Height Adjustable with arm for use in the counter of Library.
15 Steel Plates Medium Size enough to keep bottom of frames of wooden racks of library.
16 Computer Chairs with/without arm. Any Make
17 Chair for Principal. Executive chair with backrest and with arm, moving , height adjustable.
18 Ladder

Size: 10’, 15’ Hindalium made or with iron pipes 1’’ pipe in length and 3/ 4’’ pipe in steps.

19 Plastic Chair With/without Arms – Branded
Sd/- Principal
Kuchinda College, Kuchinda
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